Second Transnational Meeting took place in Greece, 4th General Lykeion of Alimos, from October the 2nd to 8th 2017. Meeting’s agenda opened new perspectives on learning from experts’ announcements about Refugees’ issue in Greece during the big crisis of 2015 […]

2nd Transnational Meeting – Greece

On Monday, 2 October, students and teachers from all countries gathered in the 4th Lyceum of Alimos. In the courtyard, the first acquaintance was made with the students of our school, who welcomed them during the morning prayer. Then the […]

2nd International Meeting – Day 1 – Morning

Our first meeting was from 5 March till 11 March 2017. During the week we tried to create a mixture of activities concerning the project. Throughout the week we also had 7 students join us from the (refugee) language school. […]

1st International Meeting – Holland